Be Your Own Networking Super Hero!  ​Women's Leadership Community

INVITES YOU to our new Leadership MASTERMIND online: 

​Overhaul Your Life like a Super Hero!

Online weekly Mastermind Leadership Group for Women

Put the YOU back in your life like a Super Hero!  As women, we have a tendency to take on too much, give too much and prioritize everyone else ahead of our own needs and self care.  In reality, if we don't put our own oxygen mask on first we risk extinguishing our own light and literally burn out.  

I welcome you to join me and other busy accomplished women to share experiences, skills, strategies and accountability (if that's what you need), along with your desire to take control of your life, to learn to put yourself and your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial needs FIRST as you Overhaul Your Life like a Super Hero!

Starting soon!    Details to be announced.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon.


Inspiring the Super Hero in You!

Inspiring the Super Hero in You!

Welcome to Be Your Own Super Hero!  Women's Leadership Community.

We believe in the potential and strength of women to create a better world for themselves, their communities and the world. 

There is an undeniable power and life force in every woman that often just needs a little nudge and encouragement to be called forth to the surface to shine brightly.  We want to help you acknowledge, recognize and celebrate the Super Hero within yourself. 

Here you will find upcoming events for Women like Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Conferences, Coaching Programs, Networking Opportunities and Resources to Inspire the Super Hero in You!